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Installing ffmpeg (all versions) on debian squeeze and newer

There are currently 5 active ffmpeg release versions 0.7.x up to 0.11.x. This document describes how to install these versions. I’ll leave you with a system ready for you to pick a version you need/want and tell you how to install them. All versions are as complete as possible AND containing nearly all supported codecs.

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XenServer 6 How to fix “no interface configured” after update or hotfix

XenServer, it’s a nice product, but for some reason I AL-WAYS get the creeps when I need to update the server software with a new service pack or hot-fix. Checking the Citrix forums, there are tons of threads about people loosing their “Management interface” after an upgrade. I’ve read almost all of the posts on the forums related to this issue and seriously, none of them worked, so I started to play around with the available options in the “xe” toolkit. My goal was to get the server back in the pool, without re-installing the server and I succeeded. (Yay!)

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